Aims and Objective

Aims and Objectives

“Fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.” “Domini Timor Prima Sapientia.”

This Biblical verse (Psalm 111:10) remains our guiding principle. (Here, fear stands for reverential awe of God, a reverence for His power and glory. In other words, it is a total acknowledgement of all that God is, which comes through knowing Him and all His attributes). We firmly believe that God is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. He is the source of all knowledge. Therefore, our mission is to inculcate in minds of trainees that God is the ultimate source of all knowledge and He is the greatest teacher. They should be valued for their individuality, culture and heritage. They should be encouraged to develop their full potential in a stimulating and caring environment.

Education is the key that opens the door to life and promotes national development; women are the backbone of the society and ultimately adds to the national development. So to realize the vision of its founder i.e. to raise the status of women in the society, this institution has started to train the women candidates to disseminate the light of education throughout the state. It not only trains the trainees in imparting education, but also builds their moral, spiritual, intellectual, social and emotional characteristics. The objective is to manufacture proficient professionals who can input their efforts for excellent development of the society, to make the process of education more interesting and less cumbersome through the use of modern technology. The guiding principle of this school has been the exhortation of Paul to Timothy, “And the things you have heard me say… entrust to reliable men (women) who will also be qualified to teach others. (2nd Timothy 2:2). Our mission is to build excellent professionals who can do justice to their job; while becoming the useful members of the society by producing good and useful citizens for the society.

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